Seven Reasons to Visit the Highland Lakes


The Highland Lakes, which start about 20 miles northwest of Austin, are a conglomerate of six freshwater lakes on the Lower Colorado River. Theses include: Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, Lake Travis and Lake Austin. The locality of these lakes provides millions of people with the opportunity for amazing outdoor recreation.  Here are 7 reasons you should visit the Highland Lakes.


  1. Outdoor Activities.  The Highland Lakes area has an incredible offering of outdoor activities for you to choose from.  Whether it be boating, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, hiking, or spelunking, there is definitely something to suit everyone’s fancy.

  2. Easy Access. Whether you live in/are visiting a big city like Austin, San Antonio, or Waco, the Highland Lakes area is just a short commute away.  This makes it easy to plan a weekend getaway or to fit in a trip around your busy work or vacation schedule.

  3. Scenery.  This area is known for its incredible natural vistas. Rippling lakes and lush Hill Country views provide the perfect backdrop for your viewing pleasure. Flower gazing, snapping photographs, painting, and daydreaming are just some of the many things that you will find people doing here.

  4. Touring Nearby Towns. From Llano to Johnson City, to Burnet, this area is filled with rich history, local legends, quaint bed & breakfasts, historic architecture, and enticing Main Streets.

  5. Year-round Events. There is simply no way to keep up with the ongoing events that take place from year to year.  Whether it be the annual boat races in Marble Falls, the hot air balloon festival in Horseshoe Bay, or the famous Walkway of Lights in Marble Falls, you can bet there will be something entertaining going on no matter what time of the year you visit.

  6. Countless Wineries, Restaurants, and LodgingsYou will find no shortage of places to eat, sleep, or play in the Highland Lakes.  This area is home to some of the top wineries in Texas. Stop by a Visitor’s Center to pick up your free copy of 101 Fun Things to Do in the Highland Lakes, or visit for an electronic version.

  7. Pet Friendly. Have a pet? It is easy to enjoy an animal-friendly day out in beautiful Texas Hill Country! You will find that most of the towns are full of dog-loving businesses, parks, and hangouts.

There is no denying that this area is a great vacation destination, but many people love it here so much that they decide to make it their permanent or part-time home.  If you are even considering purchasing a home in the Highland Lakes area, contact our office at 830-265-8865 to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents.