We love our pets, but they can also be a distraction for potential buyers! Even if your pet is on its best behavior, they can derail your home sale. Take these steps to pet-proof your home before putting it on the market:


  1. DAMAGE: Make sure your homeowners insurance covers items such as scratching/biting – You could be held liable.
  2. DIGGING: Fill up yard holes, even out the lawn, and clean up yard waste. Make it safe and walkable.
  3. ODORS: Remove the odors. Professionally clean carpets and spaces allocated to animal use.
  4. HAIR: Clean up hair. Vacuum and remove hair from sofas, floors, & surface areas.
  5. VISIBILITY: Hide the evidence. Remove and/or store clutter. Keep the area free of toys, pet beds, etc.
  6. DANDER: Air your house out. While you’re cleaning, open all the windows in your home to allow fresh air to circulate.
  7. DISRUPTION: Take pets with you when the house is shown. Walk, park, ride in the car.