1. The timing aligns with the new school year. If families intend to move, they want to close on a new home before the end of summer. Why? Changing school districts after the school year starts is not fun. If they find a home in May, they can be closed in July or August, just before school starts.

  2. Buyers are getting serious. When the spring housing season begins, many buyers feel as if they have plenty of time to find their perfect home and perfectly time their summer move. So they might bid more aggressively and offer less than asking price. If no sellers bite, though, by the time May rolls around, these same buyers may relent to submitting more competitive offers in the hopes of finally sealing the deal.

  3. The weather is beautiful. It is pleasant out, and has not yet reached the point of being unbearably hot. Your home will look its best as flowers start blooming and the lawn is green, and people are enjoying being out and about and attending open houses.

  4. People are heading out for summer vacation. In our market, many of the clientele we sell to are people who are “summering” here, so you need to be prepared to catch them while they’re around.

  5. Tax refunds are burning a hole in buyers’ pockets. Scraping up money for a down payment and closing costs can be a formidable undertaking, so when buyers get that big refund, they might be in a better financial situation to buy.

  6. Tight inventory. There is a pent up demand and a limited inventory, but we are seeing a rise in new construction in the area which will give buyers more options in the near future. If you are thinking about selling, now is the time.

  7. The mood is just right. May is such a great time to sell a home: The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, everything looks fresh and new, and the blue skies make for some great marketing photos. Everyone is in the home-buying mood.

If you are even considering selling your home,  NOW is the time to bring in a neutral, objective third party to offer suggestions. Contact our office at 830-265-8865 to speak with a knowledgeable agent.